1.350" Solvent Trap cup for SD housing. High Wall Stainless!

Wedge Machine Works

Regular price $7.50

1.350" in diameter, 304 Stainless Steel high wall cup with 112 degree formed cone. These are superior to any aluminum style cup. Perfect fit into a SD size housing. Each cup is .750" long and slightly nest into one another for a perfect seal. These are strong, lightweight (0.64 ounces each) and corrosion resistant.

Please note, These fit perfectly into an older steel D style SD tube. They may be too tight for the Titanium tube. Reports have varied so please measure carefully.

Save some money, use the dropdown menu when ordering sets.

Stack of 7 cups will measure in around 5.05".

Stack of 10 cups will measure in around 7.2".

Stack of 13 cups will measure in around 9.35".



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